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Mental Hue

I came up with the idea of starting Mental Hue due to my own struggles with mental health in the past. I found no one ever truly understood me and how my mental health affects me. I felt different, weird, crazy and alone. I never found anything that truly helped, so I decided to turn to alternative methods for help. Once I discovered tarot and astrology I instantly felt supported, gained clarity on my struggles and I no longer felt alone. Not only that but I knew if I was on the right path, the lessons I need to learn and what the future may hold for me.

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To Laura

Every month have your chance to be featured for FREE! Write in with any issues you have and if you're chosen, receive a free healing session, uniquely tailored to you. Posts will always be kept 100% annonymous and published on the first Sunday of every month. Delve into your subconscious and heal your mind.

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Matter For Your Mind

Delve into your subconscious, heal your conscious, love your mind ...


Combining mental health, art and astrology to bring you truly unique, watercolour artwork and birth charts.

The Blog

Read about my mental health, get a glimpse behind the biz and learn how tarot and astrology work and how they can benefit your mental health.


Book an tarot or astrology reading to discover your life path, understand your true self and find solutions to your struggles.

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